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Driven by a passion for changing the world and inspired by initiatives such as Markets for Good, SKEDA IT Consultants are becoming specialists in the NFP Sector.  We recommend you take 3 minutes to view this video, as it 100% represents exactly how we feel too: 

SKEDA share a vision of a social sector powered by information!

We believe that:

  • Limited evidence of social return
  • Limited feedback
  • Limited resources

are the major constraints for the social sector reach the potential for even greater impact!

As a result of that SKEDA started an on-going work to provide solutions that allow the better use and sharing of information by nonprofit sector organisations.

Solutions that allows:

  • Capital flows efficiently
  • Programs and interventions to be more effective and responsive
  • Beneficiaries to have a voice
  • To achieve and report the greatest impact

While you protect your nonprofit against catastrophe, improve accessibility of working tools and save money.

Better information flows could transform your organisation!


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